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First post: Jan 31, 2020 Latest post: May 29, 2020
Hello All,
     As you are part of the ORELAND C. JOE web of family, friends, galleries, collectors, museums and organizations we are sharing the events which have taken place in recent days regarding an unexpected health challenge.

      January 25th Oreland C. Joe was diagnosed with a brain tumor by San Juan Regional Medical Center in Farmington, NM. This was precipitated by mild memory challenges and unusual headaches over the preceding week. Oreland had a whole series of tests and scans followed to confirm the diagnosis and to formulate a plan. Oreland’s children joined him at the hospital to support the uncertain path ahead. As per Oreland and his families wishes for a confirming second opinion, the wider Oreland Joe's web went into action, which led to a decision to drive from Farmington, NM Monday afternoon January 27th to check-in at MAYO Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

     The Mayo Team went ALL IN and were game on in proceeding to perform tests and scans to confirm Oreland’s diagnosis and plan the path ahead. January 30th, Oreland with his six children and his mom at his side, prepared him as only a family can do for his challenge ahead, brain surgery to remove the tumor. Surgery was very successful.  Oreland’s indigenous heritage and spiritual practices along with his strong belief in the warrior spirit, the love of family, friends and the earth assisted in giving him the strength, with short notice, to prepare for the unexpected challenges life has brought. He calmly readies himself for the journey ahead.

     As you can imagine with the incredible amount of information and focus at this critical time the Joe family asks to give them some time to process and move forward with the treatment to be determined. Caring Bridge can be a source of updated information.  Bo and Bill Rey will communicate with Oreland's galleries so they will be a source of information.

 Thank you All for your love and concern.

 Respectfully Yours,
  Oreland C. Joe Family

   - Hyrum, Bo, Alissa, Alandon, Summer, Carlyle