Megan (Huempfner) Biggs

First post: May 23, 2022 Latest post: Dec 14, 2022
On May 11th, 2022, the Biggs family was beginning to settle into a new routine with their third baby boy, Tace who was just 7 days old. Chyan took the older boys Teagan (10) and Trague (6) to the ranch to check on the cows and do a little fencing while Megan stayed home to snuggle and bond with baby Tace. Chyan began to get a deep sense he should get back to Megan and decided to leave the ranch earlier than normal that day. He called Megan on the drive home as soon as he reached cell service, and during that phone call, Megan began to have severe chest pain. Chyan immediately called 9-1-1 and raced to the house. Between the evening of May 11th and the morning of May 12th, it was determined Megan had suffered major heart trauma caused by SCAD (Spontaneous Coronary Arterial Dissection). The doctor in Bozeman explained the severity of the situation to Megan and Chyan, and made immediate preparations for surgery in Missoula.  Given the amount of heart trauma that Megan had experienced, their Bozeman doctor was not sure if she would make it to Missoula alive. Chyan and Megan’s Mom and Dad stayed with her until she was loaded on the helicopter, and was life-flighted to Missoula. Chyan and Brad were able to charter a last minute flight to Missoula and got to the hospital just as she arrived. They met with the surgeon in Missoula and were able to provide some critical information, then Megan immediately underwent double bypass surgery. During that surgery, Megan had to be revived several times and the outlook for recovery was grim.  Amazingly, there was a heart transplant specialist from Spokane who happened to come on shift the following day as a fill in doctor less than 20 hours after her first surgery. Megan again had to go into surgery on Friday morning, May 13th, this time to place a more advanced pump to assist her heart. She now had two major heart surgeries and spent more than 8 hours in surgery in less than 24 hours. Missoula had performed an emergency lifesaving surgery, but had reached all they were able to do.  It quickly became apparent to the doctors that, given her fragile state,  Megan needed to be transferred to a more advanced facility.  The doctors in Missoula advised Chyan and Brad of their options and facilitated the move once they made the decision on where to go. At that time, she was still given a slim chance of survival and even a slimmer chance of recovery. 

While the doctors reached out to two advanced facilities that were equipped with the best technology and ability to perform a transplant if required, Chyan reached out to two priest friends for prayers and anointing.  The two priests collaborated to set up a Novena prayer of intercession and to have Masses offered for Megan’s healing (see more Novena details below).  The prayer requests seemed to spread like wildfire.  After Megan’s second surgery, she had stabilized enough to make it possible to transport her to another facility. Chyan and Brad made an immediate decision to have her moved, and after a consultation with a family friend who is a cardiologist, made the decision to move her to Salt Lake City. She was then life-flighted in the early morning hours on May 14th to SLC.   As we previously shared, the doctors in Missoula had given her a low chance of survival and a lower chance of recovery due to the level of heart damage, and the doctors in Salt Lake City shared many of the same concerns.  Megan was told that her heart might not ever recover to a point that she would be able to live without assistance from a pump, or she might require a heart  transplant. 

After a couple of days of a wait-and-see-approach, Megan's doctors began to talk about the likely possibility of installing a more permanent pump or performing a heart transplant.  Prayer stories began to pour in from all across the US and even other countries as far away as Ireland. Masses were being said far and wide for Megan.  She became the focus of prayer groups in churches, monasteries and on Relevant Radio.  Her doctors, nurses and hospital staff from Bozeman, Missoula and Salt Lake City have been offering their love, support and prayers as well. A priest who was in his last hours of life offered some of his parting prayers for Megan.  People who hadn’t prayed for years began to pray for her. 

 Not only has all of the love and support been felt by Megan, Chyan, Brad and family, but they have began to notice changes in her healing.  Her doctors, for the first time,  have been encouraged by what they are seeing and even surprised by her physical healing as well as her unbelievable strength and positive attitude.  It is still too early to know how much recovery she will get or if she will still require a more advanced pump or transplant.  We have witnessed so many miracles already as you can see by this story, and have seen God’s hand at work through all of this.  There have been countless "coincidences" and so many amazing people put in the right place at the right time. The only explanation for all that we have witnessed is Divine intervention.  We are so thankful that she has progressed as far as she has. It is truly amazing to witness the amount of progress that has been made in a relatively short time. 

We have been amazed and humbled by all of the love and support we have had. Brad has remained with Megan and I every step of the way. The rest of our family and friends have joined together at home to take care of our boys, home, business and ranch. Kathy has had Teagan and Trague, Katie has Tace, and the rest of the family has gathered around to help out. 

Megan continues to recover in Salt Lake City, where she will be staying for an extended period of time.  We don’t yet know what the future holds but we thank God every day that she is still alive and here with us!

We would like to ask all of you to continue to pray and to join us in the last days of the Novena which ends on Thursday, May 26th and is on The Feast of the Ascension.  The prayer can be found in the "Journal" section on this website. Thank you for all of your continued love, support and prayers.