Omar Zubaedi

First post: Oct 2, 2018 Latest post: Apr 29, 2019
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The backstory:
Omar entered the ER late Friday night, September 28, 2018 with deep abdominal pain. He had an initial surgery to clean up his ruptured appendix. He was showing signs of improvement, but a deeper, far more damaging infection had started. On Monday he was rushed into emergency surgery;  the surgeons removed diseased tissue in Omar’s body that had been affected by necrotizing fasciitis (a flesh-eating bacteria). At the time Megan was told by the head surgeon that he only had a 20-30% chance of surviving. Hallelujah he did! He had a second surgery the next day to further contain the infection and 9 more to keep the entire area clean and infection-free. Omar lost part of his abdominal wall musculature and all of the flesh on his lower right abdomen and a significant portion of the front of his right thigh.  The infection had been contained but now he had to begin the long road of recovery: a muscle graft to replace the missing abdominal wall and a skin-graft over the missing flesh on his thigh and abdomen  (much like a  burn patient). His journey in the hospital was arduous but miraculous. He had great care and excellent surgeons and nurses working with him. His beloved wife Megan, his children and parents, in-laws and a stream of family and friends held the light for Omar as he navigated this harrowing journey. He defied the odds of medical complications/setbacks and psychological despair and consistently met the challenge of his hospital stay with kindness, faith and equanimity. He was in the hospital for 40 days, having left a wake of hope in the hospital staff behind him. Omar returned home to his new life on November 6th.  A stream of family and friends at his side the whole way. 

We will continue to be there for him in all the ways we can. Thank you and Bless you  for all of your care and heartfelt contact with Omar and Megan and their family.  All ways of helping are welcome.  If you wish to make a financial donation to Omar's recovery please visit our GoFundMe page at