October 2019

Hannlis Hawk

Hannlis had a wonderful summer beginning with eldest grandson Kyle flying in to Miami Beach and renting her requested Mustang convertible, then driving her to her son Matthew's home in Rhode Island. After a most enjoyable six weeks there,  she moved to son Michael's house in Baltimore.  She was admitted to a Baltimore hospital on Oct 3 with various maladies, and is now rallying. This is the toughest woman I know! On several occasions, Hannlis and I have discussed how getting old is not for the weak! The truth is, Hannlis is tired overall, but tired of the hospital most of all! Undeniably a fighter, she is rallying with her fist in the air to find a rehab facility that will aid her in building strength in order to go enjoy more gorgeous water views and sunsets at Michael's home. With the love, dedication, and prayers of her three boys, family, and friends, she is getting stronger every day. I will continue to provide updates and, meanwhile, encourage you to please keep good vibes and prayers coming.  As Hannlis would say, "Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)"  Smiling, Naomi