Olive Perkins

First post: Mar 1, 2022 Latest post: May 18, 2022
If you have found your way here, there is a good chance that you know Olive has a heart defect and will be undergoing surgery in the coming months. Here is a bit about her journey so far… Olive Posey Perkins has an incredible story of strength already! At 19 weeks pregnant I went to an appointment for an anatomy scan! I was so excited to see her look like a baby and not just a bean! When the technician came back after looking over the scan with the Dr,  her and the dr walked in the room together! My heart dropped. I knew the dr coming in meant something was wrong. Unfortunately as I sat there awaiting whatever was coming next, I sat alone. Due to COVID, Dan was unable to attend this appointment. I gripped the chair below me and took a deep breath. What was it? Was she not breathing? Had I lost my baby? Was she in there but not going to make it? An endless list formed in a matter of moments! The dr began, “Your baby looks healthy over all, all fingers and all toes are there. I’m afraid when we were looking at the heart however, there is something not developing the way we would like to see. I’ve done this for a long time and I’m fairly confident, your child will be born with a heart defect.” Making the call to Dan on the way home was painful, going to the rushed appointments and being asked if we wanted to terminate our pregnancy was painful, the not knowing what was to come was painful but I grew this instant bond with our little one in that moment! After tests and many ultrasounds we had some answers. Our home birth plan was out the window but the future looked less grim as the days past. Our Olive had little chance of other complications and as long as she was in my belly she would continue to thrive and grow. The Dr.s expected she would even thrive after birth, but in time her heart would require open heart surgery! On January 29th, 2021, Dan and I welcomed our sweet bundle of joy into the world! The labor was long and tested my strength over and over. After 36 hours our little fighter made her way into our arms. I watched as her daddy melted and fell in love. Every day that has fallowed I have witnessed the greatness of this little person! Anyone that has had the pleasure of meeting Olive knows just how fearless, determined and joyful she is. Now that she is approaching 1 we have so many more answers. Olive will likely have her surgery at the end of May. At which time she will go to Boston and stay for a period of time. She will return home and be in recovery mode for about 6 weeks. As parents we are of course terrified but hopeful that the surgery will correct her defect. In the meantime, Olive continues to thrive and grow. All the Dr.s are amazed as she surpasses her milestones! We want to share this journey with those in Olive’s life, so this will be the place to go for any and all updates!