Norm Self

First post: Aug 31, 2022 Latest post: Nov 15, 2023
Hello Friends of Norm Self. 
Thanks for visiting!!!

Norm is living on his own (in senior housing) and could use support with a few things.
If you feel called, please sign up for something on the Planner. 

It Takes a Village:
This is an opportunity for us to stay connected with each other as we love and care for Norm as he ages. 
If you received an invitation, you are part of the community that surrounds Norm. Or at the very least friends with folks in his circle of care.
We see this as a beautiful opportunity for us to experiment with cooperative support systems. 

This Caring Bridge website is being set up to update friends, invite Norm support, and relieve the caregivers (Mahan Kalpa and Andrew) who have been carrying the load. There are simple things that can happen such as: take him food or take him to lunch/dinner, walking him around the grounds of his home, or visit him. Specifically Andrew and Mahan Kalpa will be travelling soon so there's a desire to get some other folks in place while they're gone. 

Norm moved into Brooks Hollow Senior Center, on Merrimon Avenue in Asheville, NC, in November of 2021. Up until August 2022 he was mostly independent and still driving. Recently (August 2022) Norm learned that his small benign brain tumor was growing and that he really shouldn't be driving. He has PT and OT coming to his home plus a social worker involved in his care. 

Mahan Kalpa and Andrew have been doing the bulk of the care for Norm over the last year. They helped him move into his place, have been visiting a couple of times a week, they regularly bring food, ensured his legal paperwork was complete, and have been tending to many of needs. Additionally, they have been researching next step institutions should Norm be unable to care for himself. Some possibilities include the VA hospital or other nursing home that take medicare assistance. Recently, they installed some supportive systems in his apartment (raised toilet seat, chair for the shower, walker) and also ensured that a laundry and light cleaning service were employed.

Health Status:
These days Norm is fairly mobile. He can walk unassisted (although he did have a couple of recent falls) and can do his own shopping but often needs rides to the store. He's very mentally alert though sometimes gets fuzzy and has to move and think more slowly. He has one meal a day delivered to him but he could use more regular meals as he's not really getting all the calories he needs. In addition he could use more social time in general and also trips out into the world because getting out of his apartment is a good thing.