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First post: Dec 17, 2021 Latest post: Jul 7, 2023
Noah Has Congenital Heart Disease.Adhd;ADD;and Autism .He’s been through three Open heart surgeries since he was a week old .

When noah was one week he had to undergo his first open heart surgery called the Pulmonary banding or tapvr banding to help with the flaps on the pulmonary open and close properly .Within three to four days after birth noah started having issues with his oxygen where blood had been backing up into his pulmonary artery causing issues with his oxygen saturations .It was that same time that the team discovered noah had multiple congenital heart defects (7 in total ).

After noah’s first open heart surgery,noah developed a clot on his portal vein and was diagnosed with portal vein stenosis .After three and half years the clot went away on its own and was considered non occlusive !

At six months old noah came down with the rhino virus and was hospitalized for over a month on oxygen ,started out on a nasal cannula then went into high flow .It was then determined that it was time for noah’s second surgery called the Bilateral Bidirectional Glenn shunt .After surgery noah struggled with feeds,he wasn’t taking in enough by mouth and had to be tube fed.Noah was on a feeding tube for three to four months before it came out and he could eat without a feeding tube.

At four years old noah had the fontan completion done which completes the repairs for noah’s heart .Noah is a single ventricle paitent .After the fontan procedure noah hit the highest number of fluid draining from his chest tube that was from around his heart, and lung with the number sitting in the high 900’s!!

Noah came close to more testing ,and possible diet change but then suddenly his fluid number dropped to the point he was discharged from the cardiac therasic clinic about four months after his fontan.The fontan is sadly not a forever repair and eventually will fail along with his kidneys and liver 💔.We don’t know when ,we don’t have a time frame but he will eventually need a transplant .

Before noah’s fontan he had to have a couple coils placed down in his collateral vessels,a ballon placed in his pulmonary artery all due to pulmonary stenosing .Noah also developed an extra path way in his heart that was monitored with a 24hr holter monitor twice prior to his fontan ,but then it went away and no longer was able to be seen or heard.

Noah also has congenital intestinal malrotation where his intestines are malrotated ,this is common with congenital heart defects.Noah also has heterotaxy where his arteries down by his stomach ,as well as his stomach and his liver are on the opposite side.

When noah was born he underwent a lot of MRI’s,ultrasounds and one was on his brain where imaging found some damage on parts of his brain that would later on put him at risk for developmental delays .

At six and a half noah was officially diagnosed with not only adhd/add combined but also Autism.Noah began seeing a mental health specialist at school to work with him through play therapy,and more and is receiving treatment for his adhd .

Follow our story,get to know noah in all of his personalities ,ask questions as alot of this information is alot to take in .We welcome everyone that stops by and follows us,and sees what noah’s all about♥️.He’s a walking miracle .