Noah Ross

First post: Mar 17, 2021 Latest post: Mar 22, 2021
*THIS SITE IS NOT INTENDED TO BE A FUND RAISER.  but a  way to share information and encouragement for Noah.  We are very  grateful for those of you interested in helping Noah financially.  Please text Denise directly  at 949-545-1102 if that's YOU.  Thank you ALL for your love and support for Noah in this difficult time. -David Blakeslee*

On 3/14/21 Noah was in an accident.  Sensitive details cannot be shared here on this page due to the advise from legal counsel.

He is suffering 2nd and 3rd degree burns on a lot of his body. 

Please pray 🙏🏼for the following:
1) Pain management for daily wound care which is extremely painful for him!  Also, for no infection to arise.
2) Recovery from his skin grafting surgery on 3/17/21.
3) He specifically needs prayer for his recovery of his hands as that's how he is able to make a living with his glass blowing business.
4) Most importantly, for a deepened relationship with our Heavenly Father as he walks this road with daily new challenges.

Feel free to share this page with anyone you'd like for prayer covering. 
Thank you for your prayers for him!  We are leaning on God's strength and comfort as we walk this road alongside of Noah together! ❤️🙏🏼
Blessings in Jesus name, Denise (Mom)