Nga (Nina) Stephenson Nina Stephenson

First post: Nov 5, 2022 Latest post: Nov 21, 2022
Nina has had a ruptured brain aneurysm. This means a vessel in her brain has ruptured and she is bleeding in her head. They have placed a drain to relieve the pressure from her brain. They placed her in an induced coma. This happened Nov 3, 2022. She has a family history of strokes and at this point, we do not know what has caused it. The doctor says we may never know. The good news is, although the bleed is large, as of now, she has not had a stroke. She is at Advent Health in Tampa. Neuro ICU. Nina has undergone a procedure to stop the bleeding. They call it coiling. She did well. Her vital signs look really good. Although she remains intubated, they are going to try and remove the breathing tube today. Our girl is a fighter. This page is too add pictures of yourself with Nina that she can review later. Also, updates can be posted here, notes can be written to her, and the family can use it to request help with different things they may need. We can organize a food train, make schedules, and even start a Go Fund Me! Basically, it's to let Nina, Mike, Hallie, and Michael know they are surrounded by love. They have an Army of people who want to help! Let's get organized! 🥰