Nina Heidgerken

First post: Mar 29, 2018 Latest post: Apr 3, 2018
Tuesday, March 27, 2018 Nina was brought to the Emanuel Hospital ER in Portland, OR. She had been sick with pneumonia but was complaining of severe stomach pain, difficulty breathing and looking at her she was extremely pale. The ER nurses immediately realized she was in need of instant help and worked quickly to stabilize her. They ran a few tests and rushed her up to the ICU. Once there her blood pressure dropped below 60 at least 6 times in which CPR and epinephrine had to be administered. Her organs were failing; heart, kidney, and lungs. They immediately put her on a ventilator (which oxygenates her lungs) and also an ECMO machine (which acts as external lungs and an external heart) in hopes that her organs can rest and return to functioning normally. The ECMO was a God send because she would not have survived without it. Once hooked up to these machines she was moved to the Neuro Trauma Unit at Emanuel Hospital where she is currently recovering.

Nina’s circumstances are not good. As of now her heart is not functioning on its own. She also has a blood clot blocking the movement of blood flowing out of the left ventricle. This is causing her kidneys to fail and in turn her lungs to fail. Her brain has also had some undetermined damage. So this is what we’re waiting for and what we would currently like prayers for:

- Nina needs to “wake up” - she is responding, some times, to our voices and to touch but she is not currently awake.
- Nina needs her heart to begin pumping on its own.
- She needs her organs to begin functioning on their own. 

All of these things are tied together. Please keep her and her family in your prayers. 

We will make updates as we’re able to. 


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