Nicole Elysian

First post: Nov 12, 2019 Latest post: Jul 21, 2020
WHAT THE FUCK? Nicole has Stage 2b Invasive Ductal Carcinoma in the left boob & a lymph node. She tested positive for the HER2 protein, which there are apparently a lot of great drugs for. Her oncologist sees it as a good thing. He also said that it's very CURABLE! HOW DID SHE FIND OUT? They don't recommend mammograms until after 40. She is 34. She noticed a flattening of her areola and nipple, so made an appointment and went in. After a checkup, mammogram, and ultrasound, the doctor told her "I would be surprised if this wasn't cancer." They found a cancerous lymph node, and a 1" tumor tethered to her nipple.  HOW THE FUCK? Basically, the luck of the draw. She had a low chance genetically to get cancer, it doesn't really run in her family. ‍♀️ #cancerhappens NOW WHAT? Nicole has a CT scan and PET scan on the 7th to be SURE it hasn't spread any farther than the breast. She is getting a port put in on Monday the 11th, and will start chemo on the 12th. She will have 6 rounds of chemo, 3 weeks apart. The hope is that the tumor will shrink down and out of the lymph, so they can minimize the amount of surgery they will be doing. She will have another surgical consult in 4-5 months, and the surgeon said today that a mastectomy is probably in her future.  The chemo is likely to wipe her out for 6-10 days after getting it, and she'll probably be sick in all the ways. We won't really know how it will affect her til she starts getting it.  HOW TO HELP? The funds raised on the GoFundMe link under "ways to help", will go directly to Nicole to help offset, not only the cost of treatment, but to supplement her income. Cancer is a bitch and she will need to be off work until likely Fall of 2020.