Nicole Craig

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I’m 41 and I have cancer. I work out, do yoga, eat organic, healthy, whole foods. I switched my beauty products, laundry, and cleaning products to be toxin free. I still have cancer. had my first mammogram on April 30th. I didn’t have one at 40 because I dreaded it and assumed I was fine. To be honest the reason I scheduled this one was because I did feel a lump and had a weird feeling of tightness in my breast with some exercises I would do at the gym.  I figured I’d go in for the exam, they wouldn’t find anything and they would tell me I was fine.   

When I got the call for a follow up I knew it wasn’t fine. Even though they say it is very common for follow up on a first time mammogram I knew it wasn’t good news for me.   I had a follow up mammogram and ultrasound on 5/6/18.  At the end of that appointment they scheduled me for a biopsy. I had the biopsy on 5/7/18  of the lump and and lymph node.  On 5/9/18 I got the call.... it was cancer.

Now what??  They scheduled me 3 appointments for the very next day.  One with a surgeon, one for genetic counseling, and the last one would be an MRI of my breasts. 

Not having a lot of information at hand made for a tough night as well as having to call and tell my mom. My older sister is an ovarian cancer survivor so I felt bad that my mom would have to go through this again.  Luckily my other sister was able to go and be there in person with her when I have her the news.  I
still need to give my Dad a call tonight and tell him. 

So today I had the parade of appointments as they were really all over town.  I met with the surgeon and she gave me some information. A plan, and information on what choices I would need to be thinking about.  We will wait until we have the information on the genetic testing so that I can make the best decision for me.  

Genetic testing has come along way. They are testing a panel of 48 markers!  Due to my age (they think I’m young :) and my sister having ovarian cancer along with a great aunt having breast cancer, grandfather having prostrate cancer, and a cousin with colon cancer I met all the criteria so insurance should cover it. 

Who has had and MRI? Ugh don’t move but I’m breathing so how am I not supposed to move my boobs when they are on top of my lungs?!!  And give me ear plugs and headphones?  That doesn’t make any sense. Should have just given me Xanax!! 

Received a call when I got home that indicated the MRI didn’t find anything in the left breast but there is another tiny spot in the right that they would be concerned about.   Apparently tumors may have hormone receptors for estrogen and progesterone. There are more medicines available to treat the cancer if they are positive for theses receptors. Good news is I’m positive!  And I’m negative for the HER2/NEU which could me the tumor grows faster and I’m negative for that!!!

Oh ya and I’m stage 2 and grade 2 at this point. They will do a PET scan to check other areas of my body so please pray that comes back clean.  I will have to wait until insurance authorizes that so probably I’m the next two weeks. 

 I need to research and chose a medical oncologist, possibly a radiation oncologist, and probably a reconstructive plastic surgeon. 

I will have some tough decision to make in the next couple of weeks and probably more recovery time ahead of me that I can stand but I have a wonderful family and network of friends to support me so for that I am greatful❤️