Nick Mark Wiltz Nick Mark's Voyage

First post: Dec 12, 2018
Nick Mark was diagnosed with Non Small Cell Lung Cancer in September of 2018.
 He had a cough that turned into pneumonia and the chest xray showed a tumor.  He then had a cat scan and a biopsy of the tumor. They found that the cancer has metastasized .
He has received one radiation  treatment in hopes  of relieving his pain.
 His Doctors are growing  antibodies from his tumor cells for infusions as targeted immunotherapy and maybe gene therapy as well.  
On November 22, Nick Mark lost all feeling from his chest down. He was taken to the Hood River ER and then on to OHSU. They found a tumor on his spine which was causing the paralysis. He had surgery to remove it on Thanksgiving. He had regained some feeling in his left foot and was feeling hopeful about the rehab and possibilities that lay ahead. 
He went back into surgery November 28th. 
We will be adding updates about Nick Mark as they happen. 
As everyone can imagine Michelle is very overwhelmed with communicating to all the concerned friends and family. This site will be a great spot for checking in with them.