Nick Lauby

First post: Jan 22, 2019 Latest post: Feb 21, 2019

Nick was feeding cows Monday afternoon, 1/12, when there was a particularly cranky cow took exception and knocked him from behind.  The hit dislocated his right knee.  He was able to call 911 and the Lex VFD came to the rescue.  A special thanks to Bo, who caught his pup and put him inside (that dog doesn't let ANYONE touch him.) After traveling here and there, Nick ended up at the Nebraska Heart Institute in Lincoln.  Strange place for a knee injury, but you see, the artery in the back of his knee had profound damage from the impact and from the dislocation.  He needed a vascular surgeon, and Dr. Hanson is the best.  He had several hours of surgery Monday night into Tuesday morning.   He needed a graft from his upper thigh to fix the damage.  Things were going well, and he was back at his son Scott's house a few days later.  Unfortunately, on Saturday,  Nick was in a lot of pain, so Scott took him back down to Lincoln.  The surgeon decided that this was a choice of life over limb, so his right leg was amputated above the knee. 

Nick is in pretty good spirits, and would welcome calls and texts, and even visits if you are in the area.  He will be in the hospital a day or two more, then move over to Madonna in Lincoln for further PT.  He wanted to mention that he is forever grateful to the LVFD for his care, they were amazing.  He knows he has a great support system of family and friends, and of course, his Church.  With all of that support, he will make it through this.  As he said "It is what it is, all I can do is go on."