Nicole Vogel Nicki's Journey

First post: May 13, 2009 Latest post: Feb 4, 2023
As many know I was diagnosed with brain cancer in April 08' Please use this site to keep updated on my health status, and where we are at with raising money to pay hospital bills.  Feel free to send messages and ask questions. I want to keep everyone informed as it helps you help me.  Thanks!!

In the end of March of 08' I began not feeling myself.  I couldn't quite tell others what was wrong but just that I did not feel right.  I was having arguments with the little good guy and bad guy in my head that I could not focus on anything being said to me.  I went to the doctors who gave me anxiety medicine and sent me home.  I knew then it was not that.  By that weekend my vision and hearing were going crazy so on March 17, 2008 I ended up in the emergency room.  They did a series of physical tests and were stumped.  They then decided to do a catscan to be safe.  It is then we found out I had a brain tumor in the right frontal lobe of my brain.  I was immediately admitted to the hospital in preparation for surgery.  After three days and because of other more serious brain injured patients needing surgery the doctors decided to tell me to go home for Easter and come back Monday for brain surgery.  On March 24, 2008 I had brain surgery to remove the tumor.   After going to the follow-up appointments, I was told I it was cancer.  After seeking 2nd and 3rd opinions at the suggestion of my local oncologist the diagnosis ended up as Stage II Astrocytoma.  All though the outlook is not as great as many wish.  I believe that God's hands are in it all.  Through my experience at the hospital God overwhelmed me with letting me know he was right beside me.  He has used my illness to draw many closer to him.  I am not saddened by my diagnosis as many would think.  I know God allowed it for a reason.  I have though had my eyes open as to what is truly important in life, and to the issues that many patients with serious illnesses go through and I will use my talents to help advocate for these people.  I encourage everyone to be active citizens and write your legislators to let them know we need change in our health care system.  (I am not saying socialized health care but any kind of change that you think could help solve the major issue).  I believe that God gives us many gifts and we should use them.  I pray that others will take my illness and re-evaluate life and find ways to praise God even more. Read my first journal post to learn even more!!  I am now 3 and half years from the first time I had surgery and I had a second tumor resection and have been upgraded from a stage 2 to a stage 3, but still I am not discouraged as God allows everything for a reason and my reason was to have my wonderful son!  God will continue to see me through it all!  Keep the faith and take action.  My great grandma said count your blessings AND BE WORTHY OF THEM. So don't just say thank you to God but thank him with your actions!

UPDATE: It's now been 10 years since my last surgery and treatment. God continues to bless me with a great life.