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Nicholas Casarez

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My name is Nicholas Adam Casarez. My B-day is 12/17/96, I love playing video games, watching cartoon network, cooking, being with my friends, Theatre, Chemistry, and Journalism. I have been apart of Theatre since 2009 and I have a show called Kings of the Kitchen.I love meeting new people, laughter, games, being silly, and making people happy.My mom has created this site to let you know what has happened to me in the background section of my website. I love and miss my friends and I can't wait to get back to Denison.

Hello to all  my Family, Friends, and Nick's Friends. I am Nicholas's mother and My name is Cammie Casarez. My husband’s name is Steven Casarez. Together we have four beautiful children; Nicholas Adam, Madelyn Paige, Madison Nicole, and Nathan Steven. Nicholas is 16, Madelyn is 14,Madison is 11, and Nathan is 8. We are a very close family and together we have had an amazing life without any tragedy, however…...

On Saturday January 19, 2013 our world began to crumble before our eyes. Nicholas, our 16 year old and first miracle baby, came home from his best friend’s house and was acting a little different. My husband noticed he was standing in the hallway with a towel. Now, Mr. Nick, though very funny and outgoing, is a very modest boy and he would never do this so, Steve sat him down and all of the sudden he could not respond or talk. He began to lose feeling in his right arm and leg, which is his dominate side. I was away from our home dropping off my nephew. My husband called me to come home right away so I drove like a mad woman and when I arrived I witnessed Nick sitting on the edge of the bed limp on his right side and incoherent. I called 911 right away.They arrived in less than 2 minutes and began checking his vital signs. He was not responding well and then began to have a seizure and vomited. They rushed him to Texoma Medical Center where they intubated him and ran tests. They quickly found he had bleeding on the left side of his brain. The ER doctor said he would not make it if they did not find a hospital to except him. At first, Children's Medical Center denied him but Parkland Memorial Hospital said to bring him to their facility. They flew him to Parkland and began running tests to figure out what caused his brain to bleed. Now, more than a week later, we have witnessed amazing miracles with Nick’s condition. He is improving everyday with God’s help and the prayers, thoughts, and support of family and friends. If you would like to continually know about Nick’s status I will be updating here on this website under the journal tab, as much as possible. 

My brother set this website up for his nephew, thanks so much Ben Giarraputo. My family and friends have been an amazing support through this difficult time....