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First post: Feb 26, 2020 Latest post: Mar 5, 2020
On the 25th, Nate was admitted to the ER and the ICU due to undiagnosed Diabetes. (I had suspected it; and, he was actually scheduled to see his physician the 26th). It turned out Nate had an extremely low insulin level. Thus, his body began to break down fat as fuel. This process produced a buildup of acids in the bloodstream called ketones and lead to diabetic ketoacidosis. He may be a Type 1 Diabetic although he could have Type 2 diabetes for diabetic ketoacidosis can be the first sign that a person has diabetes. Either way - if untreated, an individual can become severely dehydrated; they can end up with a low potassium levels that can impair the activities of the heart, muscles and nerves; there can be loss of consciousness - even a slip into a diabetic coma; and there can also be swelling of the brain.