Angie Machado Angie's New Day Updates

First post: Feb 8, 2019
Early in the morning of January 17th Angie Machado suffered an intense seizure waking her family and landing her in the back of an ambulance while she was still unconscious. 

Angie awoke while in transit to Providence Hospital in Portland, Oregon. At the hospital they preformed a CT scan that showed swelling and a mass in Angie's frontal lobe. She was then sent for an MRI which showed a 5cm by 4cm tumor. Angie spent the day in the ICU on anti-seizure medications before being sent home. 

She has since met with a Neurosurgeon who believes the tumor is an Astrocytoma and is recommending surgery as soon as possible to remove and biopsy the tumor. The surgery is scheduled for Feb 5th and 9 am. It’s predicted to take about 5 hours. We will update here as often as we know more.