Jon Nelson “Never Give Up” Nelson

First post: Nov 9, 2021 Latest post: Jan 11, 2022

Hello - I am Heather and Jon Nelson's neighbor, and friend.  I am helping Heather set up this Caring Bridge page so that there is ONE place where she can share all of her information, and updates on Jon’s condition.

As many of you know, Jon is an amazing friend, dad, and husband! He is always one to help out, has a smile on his face, and is up for new adventures!  Jon and the family had just returned from a fun trip to Branson, Missouri, when he was feeling uncomfortable, and they found he had some fluid build-up on his lungs.  Heather was able to get him in to the best hospitals in Omaha, and this began the search for what this was, and what was causing it.  Below, I have copied her posts from Facebook to keep you updated - as of today.  Currently, we know that Jon has malignant tissue near his lungs.  The doctors are getting more information on what type of cancer this is, from the Mayo Clinic.  Results should be back by Nov. 17th (it's time to "hurry up, and wait"...) While the family was excited to possibly have Jon come home while they waited for results, Leevi, their 10 year old, tested positive for Covid... Jon was soon to follow.  So - this made an unexpected turn of events, and now he will be quarantined in the hospital, while Heather is quarantined with the younger kids at home (unvaccinated).  Fortunately, Jon does get short term disability - however, Heather is not receiving any disability, and she had used the last of her sick and vacation days she had accrued for their family vacation to Branson.  This means, the days Heather doesn't work, she is not getting paid.

As you can imagine - 4 kids, dad in the hospital (bills piling up), and mom trying to do the best she can - WHICH SHE IS AMAZING- I just think it would be helpful for a little fundraising... If you are interested in donating - please venmo: Heather-Nelson-198.  Unfortunately, "Go Fund Me" takes such a large part of the donations, that I would like to stay away from that option at this time.

So many people have reached out, asking what they can do, bringing food and supplies, taking the kids to play, and just being AMAZING to the Nelson family - and for that, Heather and Jon are forever grateful!

Until we have more information, any money donated will be used for Medical Bills, Living expenses, and Supplementing their income while they are both not able to work.

THANK YOU to everyone who has called, texted, and been there for Heather, the kids, and Jon.  While they appreciate all of the "things", they have also felt the love and support from those who have been surrounding them in prayers. Prayer warriors- we are hoping and praying for good results for Jon, praying for this to be a treatable cancer, praying for Jon's pain to ease, praying for Heather and the kids - patience, love, and strength, and - of course -  praying for both Jon and Leevi's Covid to be quickly healed.

Thank you for your love, prayers, and donations!  We will try to keep you updated as much as possible on this site.