Neva Yoder - God is in this story Neva - Leiomyosarcoma

First post: Jan 20, 2021 Latest post: Oct 6, 2023

Neva was diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma in  2020. 

It all started in April, when she spiked a fever for a day, at one point she shook uncontrollably for 30 minutes then the fever was gone. She had  mild postpartum depression in the spring and was just extra fatigued all summer long... In June she had another fever spike for two days at this point she also started with abdominal pain. In Sept her fevers and fatigue increased. She also had increased abdominal pain. She saw a dr who suggested she take anti acid meds. Neva felt something was wrong but couldn't figure out what it was. The dr was not much help. 
In October, she started feeling weak and then she found blood in her stool. At that point they found a new dr, within a very short period of time the Dr had ordered a CT scan. He found a growth in her colon to be the reason for the symptoms Neva was experiencing. He immediately ordered a colonoscopy and the biopsy showed the growth was cancerous. That Dr immediately scheduled a surgery to remove the growth. On Oct 28th they did a laparoscopic surgery to remove the tumor.  Neva was in the hospital for two days following the surgery. Due to covid Marlin was unable to be with her. In the weeks following the surgery, the growth was diagnosed as leiomyosarcoma, a very very rare cancer. 
The oncologist recommended that they travel to OSU to see a specialist who deals with these types of cancers. The specialists at OSU recommended chemo following the surgery. Due to the nature of the cancer, Neva did extensive testing to see if the cancer had spread elsewhere. At this point it was determined that it had not spread elsewhere. But the oncologists were recommending chemotherapy as a prevention. 
Dec 16, Neva had her first dose of chemo. An error was made and she received too large a dose of chemo and reacted badly to that along with reacting to steroids' and other meds. This was a very difficult time.
Dec 24,  Neva ended up in the ER with a fever, which gave her a week long stay in the hospital. Thankfully this time Marlin was allowed to be with her. Neva was put on strong antibiotics and neulasta to help combat the infection in her colon.
Jan 6 Neva was scheduled to receive her next dose of chemo but her counts were too low. So it had to be rescheduled. 
Jan 20 Neva received her second round of chemo with no problems.
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