Neil Roberts

First post: Jun 23, 2021 Latest post: Aug 2, 2021
Neil began a very tough and serious journey this past week. He was admitted to the hospital Saturday with a temperature of 104 and very severe pain in his back. The result of the pain and temp is due to a staph infection that is in the blood. The source of the infection is an abcess that is located in front of a few vertebrae and next to his spine.

We just visited with the hospitalist and there is no definitive plan of treatment yet except pushing antibiotics. We may not know more details until Thursday because there are still some tests that need to be done.

We do know that the neuro surgeons will not touch the abscess to drain it because the abscess is on the front of vertebrae next to the spine. The doctor said there might be a possibility that a cardio-thoracic surgeon may have to go through the font to access the abscess (that includes breaking the ribs and deflating the lung) . That would be a major surgery. At this point we have not talked to that surgeon so that is not for sure.

The other major concern is this staph bacteria could stick to the heart valves. If they find out the valves are impacted, then he would have a heart valve replacement as well.

If the thoracic-surgeon won't drain the abscess they will have to let the antibiotics work on killing the abcess.

We do know, however, after they feel he is ready to leave the Sanford Hospital in Sioux Falls, SD he will go back to Sanford Hospital in Worthington, MN and remain there for 6 weeks so he can receive intravenous antibiotic three times a day.

Dad really needs a lot of prayers so he can defeat this infection.

I will post updates as we hear for from the team of doctors that are managing his care (there are a lot of them since this infection is in the blood and thus impacts all parts of the body)