Neda Gallagher Neda Gallagher in 2023

First post: May 2, 2018 Latest post: May 19, 2023
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Most of you accessing this website already know Neda's story.  This website was created in 2018 when Neda was first diagnosed with cancer.  Asking for help is not Neda's forte, so this site is an important tool to communicate about her needs and to organize support.  Please read updates below.  Neda is currently taking a host of medications to manage pain that make communication in the evenings after 6pm very difficult, so if you are contacting her, do it early in the day or expect a delayed response when she is able  to get back to you.    She is currently able to enjoy visits when she is not in too much pain.  Her condition could change rapidly and updates will be available as things change.