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Thank you so much for joining the Caring Bridge site.  I'm a friend writing Neda's story on her behalf, with her permission and editing of course.   Neda wasn't feeling so well last year, and she got a lot of medical care to find out why.  All her medical tests and scans came out just fine, including an abdominal CT in  mid December 2017.  So, you know our Neda.  She forged on with her life... grateful for her new job at Ponderosa High School, and looking forward to moving toward a permanent position.   But her symptoms got worse until she had to go to the emergency room several times for treatment.  On April 6, 2018 in the emergency department, a CT scan showed stage 4 ovarian cancer.  Devastating news.  Three years earlier, she had undergone surgery that usually eliminates the risk of ovarian cancer.  How did this even happen?  We are all asking.  So, on April  19th, Neda endured a long surgery to remove cancer from many of her abdominal organs.   Her excellent surgeon removed over 97% of the cancer, which greatly improves the efficacy of post-surgical treatments to get rid of the rest of the cancer.   Due to the extent of the surgery, she now has a colostomy and foley catheter to manage in additional to all the other physical post-surgical recovery process.   In a few weeks she will start chemotherapy, and possibly radiation treatment, and continue to fight like hell to beat this thing.  She will obviously not be able to return to work this year, and will need all of us to step up and help.  Asking for help is not Neda's forte, so this site will be an important tool to communicate about her needs and to organize support.