Nathan Chase

First post: Dec 10, 2021 Latest post: Dec 31, 2021
Please read Nathan’s story below and share words of encouragement to help sustain Ashley and family.

Nathan and Ashley had both been dealing with the affects of COVID when unexpectedly, things took a turn for the worse for Nathan.
Nathan is a young, Healthy, Energetic, Husband, Father, Brother and Friend. He helps with worship at his church and wholeheartedly Loves his Family. On the evening of December 6th, Nathan began feeling worse and struggling to breathe. He had gone to the ER and had been sent back home without improvement. Within 16 hours he had gotten worse. It was then that Ashley, his wife, drove him to Barnes Hospital in St. Louis. On arrival at Barnes Hospital, Nathan’s oxygen level was 78% and he did not look very good. He was admitted to the COVID ICU shortly after arriving. Things seemed to progressively get worse and He needed to be placed on the ventilator to assist with his breathing. He still remains in critical condition as we grab every bit of positive news we can get. Prayers are being felt as our prayer Warriors are covering them non-stop. They are also making a difference in where Nathan is today. We believe the Lord is moving and we are expecting a miracle of complete healing. Nathan is the Love of Ashley’s life and He is an amazing Father to Kaleb and Brady. We know any financial assistance at all will be a Huge Blessing to the Chase family and will be accepted with Thankfulness and Humility. Please consider Blessing them with a financial gift as their insurance deductible is over $5,000 and the life saving treatment Nathan is receiving is already daily adding up financially. If you are unable to assist financially please feel free to include the Chase family in your prayers, as they are undergoing a huge battle. Thank you in advance for your support!