Nathan Blum

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Hello everyone this is Jamie I have decided to do a caring bridge site to keep everyone updated on Nathan. This site may not be needed for long but for now this is the best way to keep everyone in the loop and so I don't forget to update someone. 
This started April 17 which was a Friday. Nathan discovered lump/red spot about the size of a baseball on the outside of his hip. (I will spare you all the pics) we got him into his family doctor the following Monday. He was put on antibiotics, he received an xray and got an appointment with wound care.  Xray results were unremarkable Radiologist suggested and MRI to rule out osteomylitis. He was still receiving wound care and they were seeing how bad this area was turning a quick. We love our wound care gals at BVRMC they are GREAT!!!  They have always taken good care of Nate when he has needed it. We finally got an MRI some 10 days later with pushing from me!!! That is where they said he had osteomyelitis at that it was to the bone. He was immediately put on IV antibiotics 2 times a day 8 AM and 8 PM. The care we have received at BVRMC has been amazing and we appreciate all the nurses that took care of him.  We saw Dr Laura Miegge who is a wound doctor at Trinity in Fort Dodge. We had a feeling it was bad but the news we got from her was devastating.  She told us that the infected bone would need to be removed and at this time we thought the infection was in the neck of the femur and down into the femur shaft per MRI report we got via Nathan's My Unity Point Chart and Dr Miegge looking at the report.  She debries the wound and she went about 1.5 inches deep and that was as far as she felt comfortable at that time. She then consulted with Iowa City for further care.  This was all on a Wednesday.  So at this point we were thinking they would have to remove the head of the femur. I got in touch with a doctor out in Denver Colorado who came highly recommended from a friend who specializes in osteomyelitis.  The day I called was Thursday and the office is closed that day.  We were told we should be hearing from Iowa City by Thursday afternoon if not we had to contact Fort Dodge. Well being the impatient person I am and wanting to get the ball rolling I called Colorado on Friday at 2:30 PM. I got the front desk she asked what type of insurance we have, said we did not need a referral and asked if we could be here Tuesday 12th at 2:30.  I should back up a step....sorry Jesse, who is a nurse, at Trinity Wound care left a message with Colorado on Thursday and gave them the info. So the gal I talked with on Friday new the story.  After getting his appointment set up she told me to take a deep breath and try to have a good weekend. She totally understood the stress we were feeling. I went home Nate booked flights, rental car and hotel! We flew out Monday at 5PM so Nate could get in another dose of IV antibiotics before getting here. 
5-12-2020 2:30
We got to our appointment Nate's blood pressure prior to seeing the doctor was 165/105......he tends to hold in his stress, but machines don't lie. He was really nervous and so was I.  Dr Smith and his PA Jameson came in and took a look at his wound and his MRI. They gave us great news.  Dr Smith did not feel the infection was that deep into the bone!!! Praise the LORD!. They did think that it was on the outer side of the hip bone and if they had to remove any it would be minimal. So the game plan was/is to do surgery Wednesday at 2:30 to debries the wound and take cultures then put on a wound vac to further get out infection. They will then do another surgery on Saturday May 16th to perform the same surgery. If all goes well he will have a 3rd surgery with Dr Oswald on Tuesday to perform a flap to cover the hole. Well as most of us know things don't always go as planned. Nate finally got into surgery at about 5:40ish last night. Dr Smith was very happy with what he saw. He does not feel that there is any infection in the bone and he will be having his musculoskeletal team look at the MRI again and make sure they did not miss anything. He is also consulting the infectious disease doctor to make sure he is on the right meds for infection. Dr Smith is great he explains things well but doesn't dance around the diagnosis. Of course being a PTA I feel like a failure as Nate and I both have always been vigilant with all his cares. It is devastating to have such a huge sore come up so fast.  Dr Smith is impressed with Nathan and his attitude on his life and being in a wheelchair. We all know that about Nate and that is why we all love him so much! But Dr Smith sees so many devastating cases that are the complete opposite as Nate. 
Dr Smith did say down the road he may need a "girth stone" procedure. Which I have not looked into but that is where they remove the head of the femur and  he would not have a hip joint! SAY WHAT!!! Ok so Nate can not have a hip replacement as he does not have the muscle mass to keep the hip in the socket. He would still be able to do most everything he does now we would just have to get educated on how to do transfers different and other education. So the moral of the story is......we hope we never have to go that route. 
           Sorry this is so long and I'm sure they is a ton of grammar issues, etc. Just wanted to get everyone up to speed. We have amazing co-workers, family and friends. Keep the prayers coming we can diffidently feel them.