Nathalia Acevedo Nathalia Acevedo

My Baby sister, Nathalia Acevedo, 2017 Prom Queen at West Allis Central was invloved in a drunk driving accident. She has a  concussion  and  stitches on the back of head and lower chin. She was wearing her seat belt and has bruises on her chest and stomach from the belt. Her Liver and kidney were damaged a bit they have to keep an eye on her liver for bleeding. The main thing is her mouth has   stitches and shes missing a tooth maybe two one is her front tooth we cant see in rest of her mouth due to lip inflamation and swollening but they sad she will need a bottom brace to help with   inlinement for jaw and teeth.. and a tooth inplant which her insurance doesnt cover and are expensive we are asking for help... as for she feels ugly and depressed because of it.  As a Older Sister & A Mother i am going to try and get help how ever i can for my sister. Pray in any religion you do for healing progess to work and strength. Thanks For AnyThing You Can Help with.😭🙏🏽💕💕💕


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