Nateia Sanders

I had 2 surgeries one in October and another in November bc I had a Pilonidal Cyst which turned into a squamous cell cancer my first surgery was to do a biopsy of the area and the second one was to remove it I had a nice size cut out my buttocks which made me have to use a wound vac in order for it to heal...So today I went to my cancer doctor and he let me know that I am CANCER FREE all my Margins are clear around my area so I don’t have to have another surgery Thank you Jesus I am CANCER FREE y’all don’t know how great I feel to be cancer free...I didn’t want to die I am not ready I have kids and a fiancé and family to be here for...I really don’t want to die bc I know what it feels like to live without a mother an I never want my kids to experience it especially with them being so young it scared me bc I was the age of my mother when she passed and my daughter was the age I was when she passed so I was so scared that life was about to repeat itself but God had other plans I am so grateful and Blessed to still be here for my kids and fiancé and family...AMEN ALL PRAISES TO THE MOST HIGH MY LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST WITHOUT HIM I AM NOTHING

So I need help with getting my doctors and hospital bills paid so please donate anything to help so I don’t have to stress or worry about it during my healing process...bc during this time I have been without a job and we need some financial help with doctors bills and hospitals bills and everyday living until I am back fully recovered...Help spread the word! ( (