Nash Olson

First post: Aug 24, 2018 Latest post: Sep 2, 2018
We decided to launch this site to keep everyone updated on the status of baby Nash.

Yesterday Kim and David noticed that Nash was not eating properly and had been lethargic during the day. At the advice of his primary doctor, they decided to take him in  to the emergency room at Children's Hospital in St Paul. Upon examination they noted that Nash's body temperature had dropped drastically and his heart rate/blood pressure were abnormal.  Through further testing they discovered that sweet baby Nash has a heart condition called Coarctation of the Aorta. This is essentially a congenital narrowing of the Aorta which effects how the heart functions. He was immediately transported via ambulance to  Children's Hospital in Minneapolis where he would get the best care in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit.

What now?

Nash was placed on a ventilator to help him breath and he is currently sedated but in stable condition. He will be having surgery tomorrow morning to repair this defect and its expected that he will be in the hospital for 1-2 weeks following the surgery in recovery. They greatest hurtle that he faces after surgery is re-learning how to eat properly since a feeding tube will have to be put in.

Kim and David were fortunate enough to get a spot at the Ronald McDonald house in the hospital. This enables them to get some rest, a warm shower and a hot meal while still being very close to Nash (its one floor below his room.)  Its a blessing in disguise because these rooms are reserved for families of the "sickest of the sick."

We are so thankful for the amazing doctors and nurses at Children's that have been taking such good care of Nash and keeping them informed on this scary situation.

Kim and David (and I) will do our best to update this site as new information is released.

-Courtney Frost (David's Sister)