Nancy Pietrowski

First post: May 22, 2018 Latest post: Oct 18, 2018
In April my world was turned upside down when I was diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumor.  Since then I have had CT scans, MRI's, PET scans and a lot of blood drawn to help determine the plan of attack on this horrible monster that has attached itself to me.  I started chemo and radiation on May 22, 2018.   I am so thankful for God who is with me every step of the way, Tanner and all of my family and friends who have been with me through all of this.  If you are a prayerful person, please continue to pray for me and all the others who are fighting a battle of their own.  God does hear our prayers! And if prayer is not for you, if you could please send thoughts of positivity and healing as those are just as powerful!