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My momma…your sister, your aunt, your cousin, your in-law, your nurse, your neighbor, your friend. We are using this to keep family and friends updated in one place. Any prayers, words of hope, a favorite memory, notes of encouragement or just a simple hello that you dropped by are sincerely and greatly appreciated. My mom (along with my dad and I) need it now more than ever. Whenever I have found myself in a moment of weakness, my momma always says to me, “I’ll carry the weight for you. When you don’t have strong faith that everything has a purpose under heaven, I will hold tight to enough faith for us both.” Now it is my turn to do the same for her.

January 2, 2020 I wrote:
[ That painful C word crashed brutally and unexpectedly back into our lives. Cancer: endometrial/uterine. The cells have been graded 2 out of 3. The good news is that it’s completely treatable, depending on the stage. (The doctors are very positive and hopeful!) ]

Flash forward, October 7, 2022:
Another crash. This one, far worse. My best friend just celebrated her 30th birthday, and I was with college friends in Louisiana supporting the TN Vols football team against LSU. We were standing in line at the famous Café Du Monde, NOLA’s original coffee and beignet stand when I got the phone call. Her constant shortness of breath? Her random bouts of fever? Her unexplained exhaustion? That reoccurring pain? And ultimately, her gut feeling? Multiple tumors all throughout her abdomen, secondary peritoneal cancer and secondary liver cancer. After the “successful” treatment of her endometrial cancer in 2020, there was only a 5% chance it would return. Not only did it return, it vigorously spread.

My mom spent the beginning of her lifelong career as a nurse, as the Head Pediatric Oncology charge nurse at St. Jude Children’s Hospital. At that time, there was only one “in patient” floor and my momma ran it. She saved so many lives. Impacted so many lives. Witnessed so many miracles. Now, it’s HER time for a miracle. I hope this site will be used to show her how deeply she is loved and cared for. Encourage her. I hope this site will allow you to follow along in the difficult road ahead of us and with any bit of luck, maybe help us feel like we are not walking alone. It has always been just me, my mom, and my dad; but for this journey, we need all the love and support possible.
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