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Nancy Morgan

First post: May 24, 2021
I am a mother lioness needing to protect my grandchildren.  Please read my story on GoFundMe -  I'd like to take the opportunity to introduce myself and my story. My name is Nancy Morgan but I'm most famous for the name Nana. Two of my grandson's were involved in a horrific horrendous unbearable and life changing car wreck Saturday March 23, 2019 in Fargo ND. My 7 year old Grandson Jason Devine didn't survive the car wreck. My 5 year old Grandson Branden Devine was left fighting for his life, in a coma, not knowing Jason didn't make it. Branden survived by the Grace of God, his power and strength along with the love from his family. I'll never forget when Branden asked  where is Jason?  Where's Jason, Nana? I softly told Branden, Jason didn't make it Bubba. With tears flowing from his foggy, beautiful blue eyes I promised Branden Nana will do whatever it takes to live out Jason's Legacy. I promised Branden I would protect him forever. Christopher Lee Devine was sentenced January 27, 2020. The years he will serve could never bring back Jason or make Branden whole again. Jason and Branden were the best of friends! Their brotherly love for each other beyond the moon and stars. Jason was put in many many grown up situations. A little boy raised by parents that loved him so very MUCH but yet couldn't put him first when it came to their Dysfunctions, their alcohol abuse which lead to pure devastation, trauma, heartbreak, and now the death of Jason. It's now May 2021 and A LOT has changed. I haven't seen my grandsons since Sunday December 20th, 2020. I have been fighting and fighting. Branden has lost his brother Jason, his father is in prison, Branden DOESN'T DESERVE to see the same exact thing going on that caused what happened from the beginning. The alcohol, the abuse, the Dysfunctions, being kept away from me, his Nana because I'm the TRUTH! Who in their right mind would want to drink any type of alcohol in front of or around Branden! Where's the respect for him? It's the selfishness from the addictions. My daughter and I had a wonderful, brilliantly, loving relationship! I have gone way beyond the call of duty, doing everything under my powers to help her, to protect her, to provide a better way of things. She has chosen to throw that all away. She's a grown adult. She can make her own decisions. But when it comes to the welfare, wellbeing, the happiness, the security, heart, mind and soul of my Grandson's I say enough is enough!I, Nancy Morgan, am asking for help! I'm needing help in finding an attorney that will take my case! I am needing help with being able to show and provide for Branden until I can get back on my feet! I am needing help with Jason's Smiles! A pay it forward goodie bag that I've come up with to show and honor Jason. The goodie bag comes with a picture of Jason, a hot wheel, pencils, paints, stickers, paint brushes. Whatever I can fit into a ziplock baggie. I also need help with this year's PJ'SFORJAY. Last year's PJ'SFORJAY collected over 100 pairs of pajamas and gave them to the YMCA women's shelters located throughout Fargo! I appreciate your time and consideration. Thank You. God Bless You and yours.
Nancy L Morgan