Nancy Martin Nancy's War on Cancer

First post: May 15, 2019 Latest post: Jan 26, 2022
On Tuesday, May 7th, 2019, our beautiful, funny, wife, mother & grandmother was diagnosed with uterine cancer. Originally, she was supposed to have a hysterectomy on May 13th, but that plan was quickly changed when her cat scan showed involvement of the omentum (the fat layer between the pelvis & the stomach...making it stage IV) and a couple of small lesions in the lungs and one in the liver. On her doctor's recommendation, she received a port (semi-permanent intravenous access) and would start chemotherapy ASAP.  She will have chemo every 3-ish weeks for 6 rounds. After the second round, she will have another cat scan which we hope will show that the lesions in the lungs and the liver have become small or have disappeared. When she is done with her chemo, then we will discuss surgical options again. We have absolute faith in her gyn onc physician, Dr. Bigsby and know he will do what is best for her. She is a fighter and will do what is needed to win this war.