Nancy Young Nancy's Cancer Journey

First post: Apr 27, 2016 Latest post: Apr 26, 2020
In April 2016 I felt something abnormal in my right breast.  Thinking it was nothing, I still decided to have it checked.  When my doctor suggested a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound I thought it was overkill but I trusted her judgement and had the tests.  A mammogram and 3D ultrasound were completed on Monday, April 25.  

When the technician finished the tests she asked me to wait because the doctor needed to talk to me.  In my head I thought, uh oh, that can't be good.  He suggested a biopsy.  The next morning at 8:30 I found myself at Baylor Women's Imaging having a breast biopsy.   As Dr Baliss was doing the ultrasound before the biopsy, this is what she said, "Ms Young, I'm afraid you have breast cancer."