Nadine Gunderson

First post: Dec 1, 2021 Latest post: Dec 7, 2021
Please pray for Nadine. She has been in the ICU at Altru in Grand Forks for the last two weeks due to COVID-19.

She is fully vaccinated against COVID, including the booster. Yet, she tested positive for COVID in the ER at Altru on Nov. 16. She started on the COVID floor but went quickly to the COVID ICU. Last weekend, after she was deemed no longer contagious, she was moved to the regular ICU; this was a huge blessing because we can now visit. 

She is on a BiPAP machine because she is unable to breathe on her own. She's getting the maximum oxygen allowed, with no success in attempts to improve her breathing. Unfortunately, this is a big mask that she cannot take off. She also can't talk. If you know my Mom, you know this is a challenge. She has the gift of gab. :) Going anywhere with Mom always takes so long because she always sees someone she knows and has to visit. It's because of her large circle of friends that we decided to create this Caring Bridge page. We don't know how to reach everyone, and she really needs prayers. So if you know my Mom, please, please pray for her. And if you know any of her other friends, please ask them to pray, as well. 

The odds are stacked against her according to the lung specialist - mostly because of her previous kidney transplant and the inability to use certain medications because of the potential damage to the kidney. However, it's gotten to the point that her transplant doctors at Mayo have advised the Altru doctors to let the kidney go to save her life. Today's test results showed that her kidney numbers are not as they should be, so they are starting dialysis. 

The lung specialist said a decision would have to be made soon on whether or not she will be placed on a ventilator. While he said he is not optimistic, he said he would not put her chances at zero. She's a stubborn Irish lady, so we are praying she continues to fight.

Again, please pray for her. Please pray that her lungs improve and she doesn't have to go on a ventilator. Please pray that she doesn't lose her kidney. Please, pray. Thank you.