Nadia Ferguson

First post: May 25, 2020
Firstly, a big thank you for clicking the link to my page. This act although simple may be likened to throwing a small pebble into a river, creating a ripple to help me along my journey. 

Many of you who know me may be shocked, saddened to learn the news that I was diagnosed in January with ovarian cancer. Now this diagnosis came on the heels of several tests that began in November. The thing about this cancer is that it is the sneaky type.. little to no symptoms until it has set up house in your body..Now to say I hate sneaky things is an understatement, so with your  prayers and support we will evict the unwelcome visitor!

Although it had started to spread to nearby places, my body has responded positively to chemotherapy treatments (all six of them) 😳. Now I am on the cusp of assessment for surgery and further chemo/radiation therapy. Again,  we are working to evict the temporary occupant and maintain a cancer free environment after its out..🙌 If things go well I will have surgery in late June or early July 2020

It has been a daily adventure of faith and decision making to manage all of the moving parts involved in the management of this illness, but I have been in a positive mental space and looking forward to my cure and a new start. I have a lot to do with my and my nine year old ray of sunshine is depending on me!

It was hard writing this very simple journal entry and reaching out for help even harder. Thanks in advance for your Prayers 🙏 , well wishes and for your financial support.  Your financial gift will help to cover critical healthcare costs including my major operation and post surgery care costs as well as post surgery treatments. Financial Gifts can be sent via the following methods:

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