Teresa Allen Pray Today Gone Tumor’row

First post: Oct 18, 2020 Latest post: Oct 21, 2020

DISCLOSURE: I do NOT want sympathy, I do NOT want pity.. I WANT prayer. I am doing this group for so many that want to pray for me and keep up on my journey. I have been given this obstacle for a reason (I feel) God has a plan. I am His disciple to help whomever this will. 🙂 Is it scary? Yes! Do I cry? Yes! But I do not feel sorry for myself. It is what it is.

This post will be a long one and I apologize, but I realize many people do not know the story, where the tumor is etc. May of 2018 I woke up thinking I was having a heart attack, I tried walking to the bathroom and passed out and hit my head on the concrete floor. After much coaxing from my husband we went to the hospital. No heart attack just pneumonia with allergies..but when they did the CT scan on my head the doctor found a mass in my head (his words) I just went through seeing my sister have two tumors removed from her then having a stroke with months of therapy. I was not happy.

This tumor is called a Meningioma tumor which is non cancerous. Our blood vessels is what feeds it to grow. They are a slow growing tumor and who knows how long I have had it and when it started or why. We have been tracking this little stinker for a while. The first year it did not grow much at all, then the second year it did a little. This year it did quite a bit. Last year it measured 2.6x4.0x3.3cm and this year (10 months since last one) 4.3x3.5x4.0cm. 4.0cm is about the size of a slice of lime..the circumference of the lime. Everything else in my brain, they say, looks normal.
Where this tumor is located will affect my legs and arms. You see this tumor decided to claim residency on the middle membrane (I call it the butt crack) and it has attached itself to this membrane on both sides in the middle part of my brain. So when the surgeon says surgery we are talking two places to open up and double the chance of something not turning out good. Two separate entrance spots...ohhh my red hair I am finally accepting...lol.

I want to say that I feel truly feel God’s grace upon me as I have not had any major effects from this tumor. Sometimes my legs feel like rubber but I cannot pinpoint it to the tumor. I feel normal (debatable for some..lol) and have been living my normal life other than knowing something is growing inside my head. I have (for the most part) gotten control of my anxiety/panic attacks but there are those days.

I have sent the MRI disc to the Mayo Clinic and the doctors will look at them from the last two years and we will then do a video conference to see where we go next.

I will keep you updated as we know more!  Thank you for your continued prayers...it really, truly has humbled me to tears.