Myrokucom- link How to create rokuaccount

How to create a Rokucomlink account without credit card It is easy to create a Rokucomlink account without credit card. There are few easy guidelines available. All you need to do is to complete the activation steps. If you find the guidelines difficult, contact our team of experts who can guide you to complete the process

Power on your streaming devicePrepare your device- Connect the power cables to power up the device. Use the HDMI Cable to connect the streaming device to the TV

Now turn on the device and the screen will take you to the guided setup process

You can set the display type and the language

Also, choose the wireless network name from the list. Choose the correct name of the wireless network

Go forward with the onscreen instructions

Make a note of the code that is visible on your device screen

Go the webpage

Sometimes , the device screen will automatically link you to the page

Click on it

A Page will open and you can fill the required information in the blank space provided(First name, last name, Email, verify email, password and verify password )

Click on the submit button

Wait for some time and another page will open

The page will display three options
Account Information

PIN preference

Payment method

Go back to the page\link and enter the activation code. Ensure you enter the code promptly

In case if you come across any issues with the activation code, press the star button to get a new code

Enter the activation code in the space provided

You streaming device will be linked to the Roku account

The next page will prompt you to provide the payment information such as Paypal or credit card

Click on the option, skip and add the payment information later

Click on the continue tab

Go to the streaming channels tab to navigate to the channel store

Search for your favorite channels in the search bar

Identify the free channels and click on the add channel option to add the channel to your account. This does not require any credit card or Payment information( Make a note that payment or the credit card information is applicable only for the Paid channels )

In the event that you come across any issues during channel activation, restart the device and start the activation steps from the beginning.

To know the steps in detail to create a Roku com link account without a credit card, get help from our expert team who can guide you and assist you further. In addition, read the articles and blogs on our webpage

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