Wendi Crawford My Recovery Journey

First post: Sep 20, 2020 Latest post: Nov 21, 2020
Hi My Name is Wendi.
Nice to meet you, I’m 30. My story starts off as any other story, I had my whole life planned out for myself, I have a daughter who is 4, I had a boyfriend, I was gonna go back to school to get my ged to get a better job as something in the medical field. Then me and my boyfriend was on our way back home from his friends home one day I was in the backseat with no seatbelt on and the driver was messing with his phone and we both told him not to turn because he didn’t have enough time to make it, well he didn’t listen and he turned into oncoming traffic don’t worry my daughter wasn’t in the vehicle with me. We were t-boned by other car, i had to be cut out of car with jaws of life for almost 2 and a half hours when my mom got there she thought I was dead. They had to lifeline me to icu/trauma unit at North Oaks in Hammond, LA they had to rush me into surgery when I got there to stich my arm up because it was almost falling off ,then I wasn’t out of the woods yet I was on ventilator for 7 or 8 days they told my mom to call in my friends and family because most people in my case don’t live to tell about it. I woke up and they were able to remove ventilator and do my rib plate surgery on my right side. still wasn’t expecting me to make it, when I got out of hospital I lost custody of my daughter, my house, my grandma two years before that. I didn’t have no one. So now because of that im physcaly handicapped in some areas.