Moses Byun

First post: Sep 15, 2022 Latest post: Sep 26, 2022
Dear family and friends,

Thank you for visiting Moses', Abba's site. In this post you will find some background about Abba's journey but please find more recent updates through the daily journal entries also through CaringBridge.

As many of you know, Abba started experiencing many challenges during the pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, Abba was exercising 3-4x per week and was in his healthiest condition in recent memory. But along with the challenges presented by a break in his routine due to the closure of his fitness facility, he was presented a new challenge which was the sudden onset of a Parkinson’s-like dementia that debilitated his ability to speak, walk, and perform many of life’s other basic functions.

In the past four months, Abba has been admitted to the hospital ER four times for aspiration pneumonia which occurs because the brain is not aware there is something in his mouth resulting in food or liquid being inhaled into the lungs rather than being swallowed. Each time his body goes into shock because the infection in his lungs causes fevers as high as 104+. The first three times, he discharged from the hospital to Terrace View Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) in Fullerton to receive speech, occupational and physical therapy. He was functional each time he came home but his overall condition was weaker than before. The most recent episode occurred on Friday, September 2 and Abba admitted back to the ER before being released from the SNF – his body didn’t even make it out of rehab. His ability to swallow was so compromised that he was unable to swallow even one teaspoon of water without coughing and aspirating. Based on his condition, medical staff gave us the very sad news that he would likely pass of dehydration within 5-7 days unless he went on life support. (Life support is something Umma and Abba decided against many years ago when Abba had full control of all his mental faculties.) As a result, on Tuesday, September 6, our family honored Abba’s wishes and made the very difficult decision to put him on hospice or comfort care at his home.

By Thursday September 8, Abba’s three sons, Danny, Sam and John were all in Orange County to receive Abba when he arrived home on Friday, September 9. Then we started preparations to usher him to the side of Jesus Christ by the following weekend. On Saturday, September 10, we had a huge gathering at Abba’s home. In addition to Abba’s three sons, their wives and his combined nine grandchildren came to see harabujee. Our cousins, Sharon and David Choe also came with their families. It was a beautiful time for Abba. On Sunday September 11, our family pastor, Pastor Samuel Park of New Life Mission Church came to lead a time of worship for Abba and our family. He preached from Psalm 121 and reminded us that our hope is in Jesus alone. It was the most blessed time of worship our family ever experienced together.

However, through it all, Umma was convinced that “once I get him home and feed him he’s gonna be fine.” Abba loves to eat and throughout their 55+ years of marriage Umma took pride and found her identity in caring for and feeding Abba yummy foods. We thought that she was in denial and just being stubborn but when he got home and she started feeding him, he miraculously started eating and improving. Fast forward to today, Wednesday, September 14, and Abba’s fever is down, his spirits are up and he’s eating, drinking and his overall health is improving. In the last five days, what we’ve witnessed has been nothing short of a miracle from God. We’ve been blessed with precious additional time to joke, laugh, tell old stories, and sing praises with him. We are, however, well aware of the reality that God is calling him home and that our remaining time with him is limited. Whether it’s five more days or five more months, we will enjoy Abba to the fullest and prepare him spiritually to enter God’s glory.

Abba, Umma and the three sons thank all of you for your prayers and the outpouring of love and support over the past days, weeks and months. As we sojourn with Abba through this final chapter of his time on earth, we will communicate with you, and provide updates and the opportunity to share your thoughts and prayers with Abba through this site. Our hope and prayer is that this experience will lead all of us and you to declare that God is so good, He’s so good to us. Soli Deo Gloria!

With love and great appreciation,

Sonya (Umma) and the Byun Family