Morgan Bayer

First post: Feb 1, 2022 Latest post: Feb 23, 2023
Thank you everyone for continuing to pray for Morgan during this long journey towards recovery.
On Monday, January 31, 2022 Morgan was driving back to school at Indiana Wesleyan College in Marian, Indiana when at about 9:00am she was in a terrible car accident. Based on what we, her family know at this time, she was wearing her seat belt and was not speeding. It is believed that she hit a patch of black ice causing her to cross the double yellow line and hit another car head on. First responders were able to extricate her from her vehicle and from there she was air cared to University Hospital at home in Cincinnati. Carrie, Josh and Tony were able to meet her at the hospital however due to COVID protocol not all 3 were able to see her in the ED. She was soon transferred to the Intensive Care Unit where they were able to determine the extent of her injuries and she is literally broken from head to toe. There is no rush for surgeries at this time because the main focus is her lung function. 
Her injuries' include
- Occipital Fractured (skull) brain not impacted - Fractured clavicle on right side - Fractured L5 - Multiple rib fracture (1-5 on right and 1-8 on left) but not displaced - Bruised lungs - Right leg has 2 fractures in femur,  injury to knee, broken tib-fib and broken calcaneus (heel bone)
- Left leg has a broken tib-fib and is currently casted as well as broken metatarsals (1-4)

Please continue to say prayers to whomever your higher power might be...Morgan needs all of the positivity, inspiration, love and encouragement that she get from everyone who loves her!