Monica Lichter

First post: May 10, 2022 Latest post: Dec 19, 2022
Hello-  We are using this platform to keep everyone updated in one place.   

Monica Lichter is a loving mother of 8 children, ages 12 down to 2,  and married to her husband, Rob, for 13 years.  

Shortly before the midnight starting Mother’s Day, Monica, driving by herself on I-71 through downtown Cincinnati, was hit head on by an intoxicated driver going the wrong way on the interstate.  She was taken to UC Medical Center, where they determined that she had multiple fractured bones in her pelvis and left leg, as well as lacerations of multiple internal organs.  She also suffered many bruises and cuts requiring stitches all over, including a nasty cut above her left eye.  She also received two units of blood.

Monica does not remember the impact or the subsequent trauma, which is a blessing. She “woke up” in the hospital with zero memory of how she got there. 

Given the nature of her injuries, we are being told it will be months-worth of recovery.  Even when she can get out of the hospital, she will likely need to be in a temporary rehabilitation facility for awhile to properly rehabilitate from her injuries and surgery.

We are inexpressibly grateful and humbled by the incredible outpouring of support - spiritual, moral, and financial. God’s goodness is shining on us so very brightly right now through so many people, many/most of whom we will never be able to even give a simple thank you. Words do not exist that express well enough how amazingly generous and loving and supportive everyone around us has been. 

 You will all be perpetually in our prayers, and we hope someday to reflect some of the goodness and grace with which our lives have been so abundantly inundated. 

***FYI, You may see offers to donate on Caring Bridge on these pages. They are ads for maintenance of their website, and Caring Bridge would receive those funds, not our family. If you were looking for a way to contribute, Monica's sister, Sara, set up a donation page here: