Molly & Jack Harrison Molly & Jack Harrison

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Hello all! Megan here. I am going to try my best to post updates on this website since my mom is going into surgery soon and will not be able to answer and I know a lot of people are concerned and wishing us the best. (Updates can be found in the journal section) 
Thanks for all the love ❤️

*story copied and pasted from go fund me* 

Meet my friend Molly and her twin 21 year olds, Megan & Jack. Molly is a single mom and middle school teacher. Jack is a truck driver and Megan is in college at ISU. Tragedy has recently struck their family and I think the community can rally to support them. 

On Sunday, Molly was driving and had a seizure. Luckily her daughter, Megan was able to secure the car and paramedics got her to the hospital. There, they discovered Molly had a 4cm brain tumor. 

On Thursday, Jack was at a gas station in Tennessee with his truck and he also had a seizure in the gas station. He is currently at a hospital in Knoxville undergoing tests.