Moe Bedard

First post: Jun 28, 2022
"Diffuse type poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma." 
"Really nasty cancer."

After several months of unexplained weight loss,  unusual sensations in my abdomen and rapidly increasing aches and pains,  we finally received some answers this morning.  This was not the answer we were hoping for... but here we are.  

I was officially diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer. 

We have a long road ahead of us and I look forward to all the love and support you are willing to share with me! I am already very tired but,  with the help of my family and friends I am gearing up to make the most of this tough diagnosis.  My son helped me set up this site so that I can keep all of you informed of what's going on.  Please message me. I will need it.  

Thank you for visiting.

Love, Moe