MJ & Maxx Shellman Road to Recovery

First post: Mar 16, 2019 Latest post: May 15, 2019

On Saturday, March 9th 2019, my sister and two nephews, then 6 year old MJ and 4 year old Maxx, were in a severe car accident. Both boys were life flighted to Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville, FL and each have suffered traumatic brain injuries.

MJ, who coded on the scene, was resuscitated and taken directly into neurosurgery. His brain was severely swollen and the doctors had to remove part of his skull to relieve pressure and prevent further damage. Once the swelling went down (months later), he had a successful surgery to put his bone flap back in place.

The top of Maxx’s skull was fractured from ear to ear on impact. The frictional movement of his skull against his brain caused some damage. To help drain fluid build up occurring around the brain, he had a successful surgery to place a permanent internal shent (tiny tube) running from brain to belly.

If you know Maxx and MJ, you know these boys are feisty, fun loving and wildly clever - they take after their mother. :)

Maxxy is alllll boy! He wears his wild child badge proudly and is known for his hilariously unfiltered commentary on life. He likes dinosaurs, dancing, snacking, kicking or throwing any ball around, finding the perfect stick and generally loves any & everything his brother MJ touches.

MJ is perhaps the sweetest boy you’ll ever meet. He LOVES to sing more than anything! He has always had an affinity for music and so it’s played a huge role in his healing process. He also really likes dinosaurs, watching movies, dancing, and hanging out with friends & family.

After their time Wolfson’s, the boys spent 7 weeks in rehabilitation at Children’s Hospital of Atlanta (CHOA) where they continued to emerge and heal. This was an incredibly difficult but beautiful time as we experienced great grief but also amazing miracles!♥️ Leaving CHOA was bittersweet but coming home to familiar surroundings proved to be just what the doctor ordered.

Once home, our boys began to take giant leaps forward before in home therapies even started and are presently thriving!

We thank God for every day of life and progress as Maxx & MJ continue to heal. Thank you for all of your support, hope and encouragement.