Misty Case

Im a lifelong resident of Yukon Oklahoma and am a mother to an amazing Autistic teen and wife to a Veteran. In February of 2018 I was diagnosed with tumor on my brain causing a rare disease called Cushings. I was sent Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota and received care from entire team of doctors who worked with my docs at Saints so I could continue treatment at home. Around Thanksgiving 2019 I started having severe pain and tingling in my feet. My docs said it was diabetic neuropathy and sent me on my way. By the Monday after thanksgiving I was numb from the knees down. Tuesday morning I was paralyzed from the waste down. I had ANOTHER rare disease called GBS. By Christmas I had received treatment and had started to show some improvement after IVIG treatment. I NOW have been told my GBS has turned into CIDP which is worse because it requires weekly treatment. My Mayo Clinic team thinks they can stop it. They helped before. They want me there ASAP but I need time to get everything together. My appointment is on March 9. Please keep me your prayers and thoughts this is scary journey.