Missy Gilley My Sister’s Journey

First post: Jan 25, 2022 Latest post: Feb 28, 2022
Welcome to my sister’s journey. My name is April Gardner. Missy is my sister.  I created this page for family and friends to stay up to date on Missy’s battle with Stage IV Ovarian and Primary Peritoneal cancer. 

In early December of 2021, Missy was having a hard time getting over a type of intestinal flu that she had gotten around Thanksgiving and decided she needed to be seen in the ER. Doctors decided to do a cat scan to see why she was having pain and nausea. Her gallbladder looked sluggish but there was a much bigger problem. They confirmed that night that she had what is called carcinomatosis, Cancer of unknown primary due to multiple masses on her peritoneal and retroperitoneal lining. Which also meant her cancer was in a advanced stage and was not the primary cancer. It was Metastatic unfortunately. A PET scan would need to be done to find the primary mainly because Peritoneal Cancer is a rare type of cancer and a type of cancer that was resistant to all treatments and surgeries. So we had to wait because of the holidays. That wait seems forever! 

Our family once again did not have the Christmas we had hoped for. With Missy’s sudden and very serious declining health, her first Christmas without her husband Robert, her Children and grandchildren’s first Christmas without their father and poppy, the 4th year anniversary of losing our mother in December. Also the passing of our father as well. I woulda never thought that my sister and my brother in law woulda been sick both with Cancer at the same time. The doctors are saying Missy probably has been sick for the last 6 to 8 months. 

Once the holidays were over it was finally time for PET scan, biopsy’s, endoscopy and colonoscopy. All in the same week. I took Missy Jan 11, 2022 for her PET scan and I took her Jan 12, 2022 for the biopsy’s. Britney, her daughter took her Jan 14, 2022 for endoscopy and colonoscopy. Her PET scan lit up like a Christmas tree. Her cancer was worse than it was just a few weeks prior. There are so many tumors scattered that doctors still couldn’t tell if the peritoneal was actually primary or if Ovarian was the primary. But because Ovarian and Peritoneal Cancer are treated the same way and with same treatments  it was decided that it didn’t matter which one was the main one. They both are very serious to say the least. Her endoscopy and colonoscopy looked good and we were thankful for some good news considering every time they ran a test it was coming back worse and worse. It was starting to really sink in to Missy this was gonna be a fight for her life. The biggest fight of her life. A fight she would not have to do alone.  All prayers are very much appreciated. And thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all who have sent monetary help due to Missy not being able to work and not being old enough to receive Robert’s retirement benefits. Missy has applied for her social security and we are hopeful that it’s expedited due to her diagnosis being on SSA’s compassionate allowance list. Between myself, our other sister Angie, her daughter Britney and son Jonathan being her onlymeans of financial help at the moment it’s hard for Missy to not feel depressed and over come with anxiety or just down right angry for feeling helpless and needy. But she is loved and God always provides a way!! So thank you for everything