Nancy Bishop

First post: Aug 22, 2022 Latest post: Oct 23, 2022
Thank you for visiting Miss Nancy’s Caring Bridge site. We are thrilled to have you walking this journey with us. My name is Lyndi. I am Miss Nancy’s niece, and I’ll be your guide throughout this process, keeping you up to date on her recovery and progress as well as sharing specific ways you can join your prayers to ours.

For decades Miss Nancy has suffered from progressive and debilitating scoliosis, a condition that affects the spine and causes it to bend and twist. Her condition has progressed to a point where she has been unable to stand fully upright for many years now. It affects every area of her life and greatly increases the gap between what she wants to do and what she is able to actually accomplish. Her spine is so twisted at one point that it is causing her rib cage to rotate, and she now has a rib threatening to potentially puncture one of her lungs if it is not corrected. To say this is a serious condition would be a talented understatement.

On Monday, August 22nd, she will undergo a major spinal surgery to finally correct the position of her full spine. During the six hours-long procedure, doctors will cut her back to expose the full length of her spine. They will insert anchors to each individual vertebra. Each anchor has holes, and one semi-flexible rod will be inserted on either side of her spine through these anchors. This technology has progressed considerably. In the past this type of surgery involved a solid pole-like rod being tied to the spine, and the individual lost all flexibility and movement along their spine. They could bend at the neck and the waist but nowhere in between. Thankfully, that is NOT what will be happening to Miss Nancy! Please forgive my lack of detailed medical understanding, but somehow she will still be able to have movement between her vertebrae because of how these individual anchors will function.

We see so clearly how God Himself has orchestrated and lined up circumstances to provide for what she needs. 🙌🏽 Hallelujah!! The surgeon who will be performing this procedure is one of only EIGHT in the entire country who can perform this type of procedure. And he’s right there in the same area of Tennessee where she lives. Additionally, this is not the type of surgery that just anyone can endure. The surgeon explained that he does not attempt this surgery on anyone over the age of 70. You may or may not know that Miss Nancy left 70 in her rear view mirror a few years ago, but because she has maintained her health and mobility so well, he told her that he would accept her as a patient. There were some stipulations, not the least of which was that it needed to be done ASAP.

Many of you have heard her say over the years that she was unwilling to undergo surgery to correct her condition. Something about being told your only two options are a risky, painful, and majorly difficult surgery or to spend the rest of your life in a wheel chair has a way of opening your mind to new possibilities you previously would never have considered. And that’s where she’s at right now. Well, if you’ve known my aunt longer than five minutes, then you know that she would rather almost anything over being bound to a chair for the rest of her days! So…surgery it is. 🙃

What we’ve been told to expect with this surgery:

*Expected to last approximately 6 hours
*1-2 days in ICU
*About 1 week in the hospital before being released to go home
*They want her up, out of bed, and moving her legs within 6 hours after the surgery (SIX!!!)
*Absolutely no bending, lifting, twisting for 3 months
*Several weeks to a couple of months needing steady help at home
*A full year of recovery and rebuilding her strength before she can expect to have a thought that “this was worth it”

There will be a care calendar set up later for anyone who is available and wishes to help with things like running errands, driving Miss Nancy to appointments, keeping her company, etc. We do have the first several weeks fully covered. My mom is there for the first month to be with her through the surgery, hospital stay, and first couple of weeks home. My uncle will be relieving my mom and stay with Miss Nancy for the following week.

Please know that Miss Nancy sends her heartfelt thanks for your caring concern! She is well loved by you and others, and that will undoubtedly be a huge help to her healing and recovery. Blessings abound!