Mike Theriot

As we are all aware, Mike and Michelle are the two most loving people around. They carry a smile wherever they go. In 2015 Mike was diagnosed with heart failure after a bout with pneumonia . Within the first year he was in and out of the hospital struggling with fluid retention.  By the grace of God things finally stabilized, medications seemed to be working and he managed to stay out of the hospital since 2016.  

However, recently he was admitted into the hospital with shortness of breath and weakness.  He was retaining fluids and his potassium levels were very low.  They started him on meds and put him on oxygen but were still having difficulty getting things under control.  

They put a heart cath and balloon pump into his heart to help his heart pump and try to hopefully help get things under control.  Due to the severity of his condition they also recommended transferring him to Ochner's in New Orleans. 

Wednesday afternoon he was airlifted to Ochner's in hope for answers and further evaluation.  

Upon arrival things moved very quickly.  Endless doctors came in and out of the room evaluating and discussing options.  They managed to get his levels under control and almost completely ween him off of IV meds.  

Unfortunately, as most journeys go, there are two steps forward and three steps back.  He did not tolerate the weening of the meds very well and needed to be placed back on most iv meds along with having another heart cath placed.  

At the moment doctors are considering placing an LVAD (Left Ventricular Assist Device) to help keep his heart pumping until a heart transplant can take place.

Mike is unable to work during this difficult time and Michelle is having to travel back and forth to try to work and visit the kids.  Patty, Terry,  Linda and EJ  have stepped in to help with the kids until things settle down some.  

In the mean time we are having a fundraiser to help the family with some of the expenses that go along with this journey.

Right now we are selling shirts for $20 each.  You may place your order through Cheryl, on Facebook  or through paypal at mikesheart2019@gmail.com. All money made will go directly to the family.  

As always, prayers are appreciated.  I will try to keep this updated as happenings occur.  Thank you for your love, support and prayers!