Mike Surritte

First post: Jul 16, 2018 Latest post: Dec 28, 2018
Mike was diagnosed with kidney cancer in September of 2015. The cancer had already spread to his hip, resulting in a hip fracture. That September, Mike had hip replacement surgery. Then just a month later, he had surgery to remove the affected kidney. Mike went through a series of radiation treatments in November, as well as physical therapy. He also began taking oral chemotherapy medication at that time as well. For the next two plus years, Mike continued to take oral chemotherapy medication. His scan results showed no growth or changes.

Mike had tolerated his chronic hip pain, continued to participate in most activities (including coaching baseball and softball) and even went back to working part time in September of 2017. 

But then in April of 2018, we unfortunately received scan results that the cancer had a slight progression to nearby lymph nodes. Shortly after, Mike began a clinical trial study with UC Health. He now takes an oral chemotherapy medication every day (without any breaks in the cycle) and receives an immunotherapy infusion every 3 weeks.  

Mike continues to fight, and so does his family and friends around him. Thank you for your concern, your prayers and your help during this challenging time for our family. Please check this site often! Mike appreciates your well-wishes.