Stephanie Ashton Mike Lee

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Hi everyone, as you can already tell I am not a computer nut so I’m learning how to use this site as I use it each day.
Mike is doing great.  Right after I sent a group email, about 12:30 a.m. last Friday and Saturday at the exact same time, Mike started to experience dramatic and severe symptoms causing us to bring him to Washington Hospital ER.  Thy quickly admitted him.  Long story short; staff thinks he had a germ on the Pik-Line creating a blood infection.  He is doing well now; they removed the pik-line, replaced it as well as accelerating tests/exams/procedures to get him onto transplant list.  His heart condition is the same; no further progression but staff had to admit him and chose to run tests while he was here for the week.  Tests including:  colonoscopy, counseling, social  worker, nutritionist, lung and heart tests-even a DENTAL exam at 9 pm.  
Mike plans to return to work Friday June 28.
As Mike goes for “the ride” he says; social worker 2 days ago “interviewed” me and gave me a few suggestions.  If you want to and able to help... I’m gathering a list for particular people to take on the responsibility. 
They are: grocery run, be my personal driver, (house cleaner,/yard work), website director, cat feeder/sitter.  
I have been told that I will be exhausted but to not worry about being at hospital everyday and ALL day.   Therefore I may not need to stay in hotel here in the area. 
There are parking pass coupons and can take a photo of that for people if they wish to purchase.
I need to ROW, SLEEP, AND WORK. 

He was notified that his case would be presented to cardiac staff and put on list, “pending certain tests.”
We are to keep cell phones turned on, in areas of reception. 
There are no pagers, ankle or wrist bracelets....