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First post: Jan 3, 2019 Latest post: Jan 30, 2019
We know many of you have been asking questions about Mike’s  health status. We really appreciate every prayer and concern you have shown for him and our family.  We will do our best to update you daily on here, since it often gets difficult for us to remember who we have updated and what we have said to you.

For those of you who aren’t aware of his illness so far, here is an overview:

Mike started feeling ill on Christmas Eve. That night, he had started feeling sick with abdominal pain, and noticeable volume in his stomach, vomiting, and other discomfort.  He decided to bring himself to the ER at Gulf Coast Medical Center in Ft. Myers, Florida on Christmas Day.

He was admitted into the hospital that night and they found out that he had a small bowel obstruction. Thinking they may be able to avoid surgery, they inserted an NG tube into him to see if that would clear the obstruction. At this point, he was in pain and discomfort but was still mentally aware. 

Thursday night they had to rush him into Emergency Surgery because his blood pressure levels were dropping into very dangerous levels and some of his organs were showing signs of failure. They were able to successfully clear the obstruction which happened to be scar tissue that caused a twist in his intestine. They also took out his appendix as a precautionary measure.

Although his surgery was a success, there were many more complications that were unexpected. After many CT scans and blood cultures, doctors believe that when he may have vomited, some of the bacertia had gotten into his lungs and caused pneumonia. His body’s reaction to this infection was too powerful and it caused Septic Shock. This released toxins into his blood stream, which has caused many dangerous, potentially lethal changes to his body.

Specialists of every kind and amazing nurses are working with our dad constantly in the ICU to restore and maintain his organs. His kidney started failing first and his blood pressure is still dangerously low. They first had him maxed out on three blood pressure medicines to keep it higher. He is now on continuous dialysis to work in replace of his failing kidneys. His liver has started to fail as well. He is intubated to supply him oxygen. His brain function is a concern, but doctors believe it may be metabolic issue due to his body being in Septic Shock. 

Even though what I listed is not even comparable to his true complications (some we don’t quite understand because of the complexity of this illness), but it is our best understanding of what is going on with him. It’s been a rollercoaster ride for sure. Please keep praying for Mike!!!! 

****Just a note: if you donate to the “Tribute to Michael” I just want you aware that the money goes to the Caring Bridge Website! ****